Register for Teen Civil Rights Journey to Georgia and Alabama

Register for Teen Civil Rights Journey to Georgia and Alabama

Thursday Jan 17th at 12:00am to Monday Jan 21st at 12:00am

8th and 9th graders, join us as we venture south to learn about the Civil Rights movement and why Jews must care and act when others are oppressed today. Register by October 5.

In the case that you register and are no longer able to participate in the trip, please note our refund/cancellation policy. All cancellations must occur in writing. If you cancel in writing on or before October 15, we will refund you 100% of your payment to date, less a $45 processing fee. If you cancel in writing after October 15, but before November 9, you will be responsible for 50% of the trip cost, and we will refund any amount already paid over 50% of the total trip cost. After November 9, there will be no refunds and you are financially responsible for the complete cost of the trip.

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