Pay Teen Civil Rights Journey Payment

Pay Teen Civil Rights Journey Payment

Thursday Jan 17th at 4:30pm to Monday Jan 21st at 4:45pm

We have provided the option for you to pay for the trip upfront, two-thirds upfront, or in thirds.

The following deadlines apply to all payment options: 10/31- First Third Due, 11/31- Two-Thirds Due, 12/31- Fully Payment Due.

In the case that you register and are no longer able to participate in the trip, please note our refund/cancellation policy. All cancellations must occur in writing. If you cancel in writing on or before October 31, we will refund you 100% of your payment to date, less a $45 processing fee. If you cancel in writing after October 31 but before November 30, you will be responsible for 50% of the trip cost, and we will refund any amount already paid over 50% of the total trip cost. After November 30, there will be no refunds and you are financially responsible for the complete cost of the trip.


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