Sign Up for Elul Daily Reflections

Sign Up for Elul Daily Reflections

On the Yamim Nora’im we arrive at the gates carrying everything that has happened to us since last Yom Kippur, and we pass through them hoping and praying to be transformed for the better.

Elul, the month of spiritual preparation before Rosh Hashanah, is the gateway to the gates, the time to reflect on what it means to walk through them. You can embrace Elul and the opportunity it provides for growth and self-reflection with daily doses of inspiration from the BJ rabbis, former Marshall T. Meyer Fellows as well as past and present BJ Rabbinic Fellows, each based on a line from the piyut “The Gates” which is sung in the final moments of Yom Kippur.

Take a moment each day to do the inner work of teshuvah-striving to enter the new year through the gateways of love, kindness and forgiveness.

The Reflections will be posted on the BJ website and on BJ's Facebook page,, daily beginning Wednesday, August 27 through September 23.

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